Shed Repurposing Alterations Conversions

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Shed Repurposing, Shed Alterations, Shed & Carport Conversions throughout Warrnambool and Western Victoria

Shed Conversions

We are great at this

It worked when you built it, but times have changed. 

You don't need a new shed, your existing shed can be renewed to better meet your changing needs.   

  • Shed Conversion - Before
    Shed Conversion - Before
  • Shed Conversion - After
    Shed Conversion - After



Carport Conversions

Turn your Carport into a Garage

Carport conversions are cheaper and easier than you might think.

Add extra lock-up storage and security for your home, provide greater protection for your car, reduce your car insurance premium and enhance the overall appearance of your home.

  • Carport Conversion - Before
    Carport Conversion - Before
  • Carport Conversion - After
    Carport Conversion - After



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